Ski suit

ABOUT Marshal

Marshal is a manufacturer that specialised in R&D, production and sales of ski suits for children and adults.

The company has one sales center in Zhaoqing, one development department in Beijing, and two manufacturing centers in Tangshan and Hebei Province.

The manufacturing center occupy 10,000 square meters, and employees more than 300, and production capacity is more than 1 million pcs/year.

Marshal not only sell standard products, but also provide OEM and ODM services.  

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Children's ski suit

A fashionable, cute and comfortable ski suit set specifically designed for children aged 5-9


Youth skiing suit

A stylish, cool and comfortable ski suit designed specifically for teenagers aged 9-16,


Adult skiing suit

A slim fitting, classic, comfortable, warm, and fashionable ski suit designed specifically for adult men and women aged 18 and above.

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