Ski suit



Ski suit set

Recommended split ski suit, with good convenience, strong compatibility, quick drying, warmth retention, wind resistance, waterproof, and other advantages


Skiing jacket

The top is loose, the length of the sleeves is slightly longer than the wrist, and the cuffs have adjustable tightness. The collar has an upright high collar opening to prevent cold air from entering, and the hat can be removed


Ski pants

The length of the pants should be crouched down from the corner to the ankle. The lower opening of the pants legs has a double layer structure, and the inner layer has an elastic and tight closure design with anti slip rubber; Durable design on the inner side of the outer layer, with adjustable length and detachable straps

Recommended Children's Ski Suit Scenic Spots

Movement, involving a physical strength and skills of the activities of the constraint by a set of rules or habits





Skit  suit

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